Intelligent virtual workers for data management across offices

Doing it separately and manually is both time consuming and sensitive. An intelligent virtual worker helps in automating bordereau processes, enhancing operational efficiency.

01What did our client need?

There was a highly manual bordereau process, spanning three different offices (Iberia, Benelux and France).​ This process was time sensitive and very much prone to errors and subsequent data quality issues due to the processing being done by multiple teams in different locations.

02How did we help our client?

everis built a productionised intelligent virtual worker, which automated the data collation, validation and separation, solving the issue of quality. The virtual worker also dealt with the population of the bordereau.

03What was the result?

everis enhanced and streamlined the existing business processes, providing a strong basis for automation. ​As a result, the efficiency of the virtual workers was improved, leading to; improved operational efficiency by 94%, a sustained FTE count in time of growth (amounting to a saving of £75k annually) and vastly improved data quality in the bordereau process.

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