Meet Blue, a virtual colleague for ServiZurich's employees

Blue is an eva-based conversational assistant that helps Zurich's employees in their day to day tasks.

01What did our client need?

ServiZurich started their journey on conversational assistants by creating MS Bot Framework bots to solve frequent asked questions and to discover their employees compliance officers (Zhiva and Astro).​ Afterwards, they decided they wanted a virtual colleague that could help their employees from creating a new meeting on the calendar or even to cover the existing bots features. This was the instant when Blue was born.

02How did we help our client?

​everis helped Zurich in the development and implementation of Blue. The project was carried out in two phases, being the first the eva setup and the migration of existing bots into eva, and the second stage the evolution of Blue.

eva is everis' enterprise conversational AI platform for creating and managing virtual agents. It helps companies in reducing their costs, increasing their sales and improving their customer experiences.

03What was the result?

everis helped ​ServiZurich by enabling a new platform for chatbots based in eva, which allows the company to integrate both existing and new bots. This will establish the future reference architecture for the evolution and growth of conversational assistant services in ServiZurich.

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