Cloud Infrastructure for Health First

A project aimed at improving people's quality of life thanks to the use of technology: cloud infrastructure and a CRM to securely manage people's information.

01What did our client need?

In Japan, there is a social need for activities to develop a "healthy life expectancy" that enables people to live healthier and more independent lives for longer.

Dai-ichi Life had some business challenges such as: developing short-term ICT infrastructure for rapid service deployment; having a customer management system (CRM) to manage the services provided to general customers; and implementing a structure to acquire information and ideas that lead to innovation.

02How did we help our client?

Dai-ichi Life launched "Health First" as a smartphone service that improves people's quality of life and extends their healthy life expectancy.

NTT DATA provided some solutions such as: the cloud infrastructure, which was developed in approximately four months, leveraging the capabilities of Microsoft Azure and our knowledge of the financial industry; a customer management system that guarantees security for the management of personal information in a flexible way for the expansion of the service; and the creation of an open innovation forum to acquire ideas and new partners.

03What was the result?

The cloud infrastructure, based on Microsoft Azure, is highly scalable, to adapt to increasing demand, and secure to protect users' personal information.

The client management system allows "Health First" to provide various services and content according to the personal characteristics of each patient.

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