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Why Alondra

Alondra's Potencial Bussines Scenarios

Alondra Websites

Your one-stop insurance management solution

  • To be the single point of contact for my clients regarding their insurance management

  • Provides a 360 view of the client for both the broker and the client.

Commission management

Handle and analyze commissions effectively

  • Commission Management from insurers.

  • Manage the distribution of commissions with my commercial agents

  • Analyze the level of compliance with my commission budgets.

Easy integration and use

Integration Options for Enhanced Autonomy

  • Different ways to integrate Alondra: microsites, widgets, APIS.

  • I need to be more independent in my operations from the IT department to manage my business.

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Alondra Use Cases

Alondra as a Middle Layer

When buying a new car, clients want convenience. They prefer getting both the car and Motor Insurance in one place. Alondra helps car dealers find the best insurance tariff for their clients from various insurers. Insurers partner with businesses in ecosystems, like car dealers, to reach new users by offering insurance alongside non-insurance products.

This streamlined process benefits all parties involved, ensuring clients get the best insurance, dealers offer a complete package, and insurers expand their customer base. Discover how Alondra simplifies insurance choices and enhances the car-buying experience on our website.

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Use Case 1

Alondra as Distribution Core System

Customers often entrust their financial matters to their trusted banks, forging strong relationships over time. Simultaneously, insurers are eager to broaden their customer base by seamlessly embedding their offerings into third-party products and services.

Alondra plays a pivotal role in a symbiotic partnership, offering a tailored broker portal for insurance partners like bancassurance. This dynamic platform streamlines insurance policy management and rapid product launches, enabling efficient B2B2C distribution. Alondra empowers the insurance industry to connect effectively with other ecosytem partners. 

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Use Case 2

ATM Robbery Insurance

An insurance policy that provides coverage for instances of money theft that occur within a window of 3 hours following a cash withdrawal from an ATM. In the event of such a theft, customers are required to report it to the police and to contact their insurance company to initiate a claim.

The notable benefit of this insurance is that it offers a reimbursement equal to 100% of the amount withdrawn from the ATM, ensuring that customers are fully compensated for their loss in case of theft during this specific time period.

Use Case 3

How do we Help Insurers?

Alondra Benefits


Meeting customer expectations

Helping to reduce Time to market


Decoupling the insurer's core system from the digital layer

Reducing complexity


Robust module for premium calculation

Helping to reduce Time to market


Orchestration with multiple core systems: 360º view

Connecting to Ecosystems

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Alondra Architecture

A Modular Solution that Covers all Distribution Needs

Alondra, the Middlelayer solution, stands as a dependable bridge between insurance companies' core systems and their customer acquisition channels. With its robust, reliable, and scalable architecture, Alondra revolutionizes the development process for insurers.

By streamlining various operations, it not only accelerates development but also makes insurance distribution more accessible and efficient. Thanks to Alondra, the future of insurance is brighter and more customer-centric than ever before.

Alondra  Architecture
Alondra  Architecture

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