The Insurance 2023 Vision

10 actions for insurers to become relevant players in insurance ecosystems

Where should a CxO start?

Accelerate IT Transformation

Discover the trends, challenges and actions that insurance CTOs need to implement to take their companies to the next level.

Learn more about our expertise in Core Systems Modernization & the Journey to Cloud.


Become an Insurance aaS

Find out how insurance companies are leading Ecosystems by connecting with third parties and moving towards a service-oriented approach.

Discover how we help insurers with their Business Transformation.


Manage Unexpected Challenges

Explore our ideas and recommendations for Insurance CISOs to protect themselves and their clients from the risks arising from digitization.

Learn about our approach to Cybersecurity for the Insurance Industry


Product Mix Changes

Get to know more about how insurers' business leaders can adapt their strategies to the changing lines of business in our industry.

Discover insights related to the Business Transformation of insurance lines of business.


Align your CX with the Ecosystem

Get insights into how insurers should create a Customer Experience in line with what other ecosystem players (TechGiants, Telcos...) are doing.

Find out how CXOs and CMO's approach their CX & Design strategies.


Focus on Efficiency and Simplification

Find out how COOs can adapt their resources for today's long-term innovation race and how to make a Talent-Fit plan to best adapt the capabilities of their teams and resources.

For more information, please visit Operational Excellence.


Be a Data, AI-driven Company

Learn how insurance CDOs can leverage the data they collect to make it actionable and integrated into their processes in real time.

Find out how we have helped leading insurers with our Data & Analytics expertise and offering.


Take Advantage of the 4 Forces of Acceleration

Get a better understanding of how insurers' business leaders can incorporate the learnings from the 4 Forces of Accelerating Liquid Insurance Ecosystems.

Access this and other content related to Business Transformation.


Consider Talent and Culture Challenges

Learn how insurance CHROs can attract, manage and retain their professionals with well-defined Culture and Talent strategies.

Discover how this key aspect for organizations impacts Business Transformation.


Go Smart Distribution

Take a look at how insurers have to rethink their distribution model and channels due to the changes arising in a competitive environment such as digitisation and Ecosystems.

Get more information on Business Transformation.

Insurance Liquid Ecosystems: the Connected Era

Insurers are at the center of these Ecosystems.

The insurance liquid ecosystem goes beyond the classic categorization of sectors, value chains, business models or geographies, breaking the affected barriers between them and making all the ecosystems actors coexist inside a constant flow network.

Specific Insurance Challenges


Looking for new margins

Insurers should seek margins by changing the way they operate: e.g. by transferring policy distribution to retailers, including new services or expanding its offering to other lines of business.



Insurers should move towards being fully digital companies. And they can do it from scratch (to a lesser extent) or by creating companies or products that explore this path in a resolute way.


Global Fraud Battle

One of the biggest problems the insurance industry struggles with (amplified in economic crises). But insurers are enabled by technology, which helps them speed up and improve their fight against fraud.