By selecting the corresponding box, you consent and authorize, free of charge and without the right to any economic remuneration, and on a voluntary basis, NTT DATA Spain, S.L.U. (hereinafter, "NTT DATA Spain") to capture and/or record your image and any other personal identification element (hereinafter, the "Image"), by means of photography and/or video and/or any other means of capturing and/or fixing images during the DIA ITC Europe Event (hereinafter, the “Event”) organized by NTT DATA Spain, either by itself or by means of any third party authorized by NTT DATA Spain, and to use the Image by any media, and/or forms of use, expressly including reproducing, distributing and publishing your Image through the internal channels of NTT DATA Group, such as the corporate intranet, as well as external channels such as websites or social network profiles (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. ), online reproduction and/or streaming platforms (e.g. Youtube), meetings, forums, conferences, presentations and publications, as well as any other media (television, press, etc.). 

This authorization is granted on a transferable basis (with the possibility to assign it to third parties), without any time or territorial limit (for any country in the world). 

By selecting the corresponding box, you grant NTT DATA Spain the right to capture, reproduce, distribute, transform, and publicly communicate the Image for the purposes described in the previous paragraph. This authorization is limited to the purposes of internal and external communication, promotion, and publicity of NTT DATA Spain and any related or ancillary activities.  

NTT DATA Spain undertakes to use and exploit your Image within the terms and limits set out in this authorization, and with scrupulous respect for your rights to honour, privacy, and your own image. 

Furthermore, in compliance with the provisions of the data protection regulations, we inform you that, on the occasion of your assistance to the Event, we will process your data under the conditions set out below: 


1. - Who is the controller of the processing of your data? 

Identity: NTT DATA Spain, S.LU. (hereinafter, “NTT DATA Spain”). 

Adress: Camino Fuente de la Mora 1, 28050, Madrid, España. 

Contact of the Data Protection Office: 

2. - For what purpose and under which legitimate basis we process your personal data? 

Your personal data are processed for the following purposes and legal basis: 

  1. To enable and manage your assistance to the DIA ITC Europe Event (hereinafter, the “Event”), based on the legal basis of the relationship established with you when you register for the Event. 

  2. Manage access control to the Event site to guarantee the unique access of the Event registrants, as well as the maintenance of security in the Event facilities, based on the legitimate interest of NTT DATA Spain in guaranteeing the security of people, goods and facilities. 

  3. To capture your Image during the Event, as well as to use it and, where appropriate, reproduce, distribute, and publish it for internal and external communication, promotion and/or advertising purposes, in the terms described above, based on your express consent. 

3. - How long will we keep your data? 

Personal data will be kept for the necessary period for the purposes for which they were collected and, specifically: 

  1. In relation to the management of your assistance to the Event, it will be kept as long as necessary to manage your assistance. 

  2. In relation to access control, the data will be deleted after a period of one month from its collection, except when they have to be kept to prove the commission of acts that threaten the integrity of persons, goods or facilities. 

  3. In relation to the processing of the Image, personal data will be deleted from our databases once the activities of internal and external communication, promotion and/or advertisings purposes of NTT DATA Spain and any related or auxiliary activities of the above, for which the personal data were collected, have been completed. This deletion will not include any publications, communications or distributions that may have been carried out on social media, websites, or streaming platforms. 


4. - Who are the recipients of your data? 

The personal data provided for the aforementioned purposes of promotion and advertising may be communicated to: 

  • The personal data provided may be communicated to the entities of the NTT DATA Group for the purposes of use and distribution, for internal and external communication, promotion and/or advertising, under the terms described in the Authorization. 


Some of the NTT DATA Group entities are located outside the European Economic Area, which have not been declared by the European Commission to have an adequate level of personal data protection. However, in such cases, we guarantee that adequate safeguards will be applied to carry out the international transfer of data. You can consult the entities that are part of the NTT DATA Group on the NTT DATA Spain website. 


  • Media, and/or forms of exploitation used, such as social networks and media, which could be located outside the European Economic Area. 

  • General public who can access the data through any NTT DATA Group entities media and/or any third parties’ media. 


Likewise, in case that the data could be used to prove the commission of acts that threaten the integrity of persons, goods or facilities, the data may be communicated to the Security Forces and Corps, as well as to the competent Judges and Courts. 

We also inform you that your personal data may be communicated to Data Processors, such as technology providers, some of whom have data processing and/or support centers located outside the European Economic Area.  

We guarantee that when your data may leave the European Economic Area, the same protection level shall be maintained based on compliance with the provisions of European data protection regulation. To receive more information on international data transfers or to obtain confirmation or a copy of the guarantees in place you can contact the Data Protection Officer. 

5. - Safety measures 

We are committed to keeping your personal data secure, taking all reasonable measures to do so. We implement all necessary organizational and technical measures in accordance with the regulations in force against any unauthorized access and modification, disclosure, loss or destruction. We demand and legally bind our service providers who may handle your personal data to do the same. 

6. - What are your rights? 

You can request confirmation from NTT DATA Spain regarding whether your personal data are being processed and, if so, you may access them. You may also request the rectification of inaccurate data or, if applicable, request their erasure where, among other reasons, the data are not necessary for the purposes for which they were collected. 

In certain circumstances it is possible to request the limitation of the processing of your data, in which case we will only retain them for processing claims and/or responding to complaints. Where appropriate, you may also exercise the right to portability to obtain your data in electronic format or for them to be transferred to another entity. 

You may withdraw your consent at any time. Once the withdrawal has been exercised, it will not be retroactive unless otherwise required by law, and your data may be kept blocked for the prescription periods established by the applicable regulations. 

You may also oppose the processing of your data, in which case we will not process your data, except for compelling legitimate reasons or for processing possible complaints. 

To exercise your rights, you must contact the Data Protection Officer in writing, at the following e-mail: To help us process your request, please indicate “Data Protection Rights DIA ITC Europe Event” in the subject line. 

In the event that the exercise of the right is exercised through a channel not previously registered in our database (for example, from a different email address than the one you initially provided), it will be necessary that you prove your identity through a legally valid mechanism. 

Finally, you are informed of your right to lodge a complaint to the competent data protection authority (in Spain, in the event you become aware of or consider that certain event might constitute a breach of the applicable data protection regulations.