Insurtech Global Outlook 2024 - Interviews

Gain insights from interviews with leading insurtechs: Qumata, Descartes Underwriting, Mind Foundry, LULA, and Bolttech, as they pioneer innovative solutions in the insurance industry


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Insurtech Global Outlook 2024 - Interviews

Dive into the minds of insurtech's pioneers: Discover how five visionary leaders are reshaping the future of insurance with AI, data, and groundbreaking strategies:

  • Tanguy Touffut - CEO and Co-Founder at Descartes, discusses navigating climate risks and leveraging parametric insurance for a future-proof strategy.

  • Luca Schnettler - Group CEO at Qumata, shares his vision on transforming life insurance dynamics through technology and the power of data.

  • Selim Cavanagh - Director of Insurance at Mind Foundry, delves into AI solutions for high-stakes industries, emphasizing ethical AI use and human-AI collaboration.

  • Matthew Vega-Sanz - CEO at Lula, talks about revolutionizing insurance with cutting-edge AI innovations, focusing on device protection and customer service.

  • Stephan Tan - Group Chief Strategy Officer & CEO Insurance Solutions at bolttech, highlights the company's journey in unlocking insurtech’s potential for global leadership and the importance of embedded insurance.

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