NTT DATA Insurance Thought Leadership Podcast

Exploring the 'Insurtech Global Outlook 2024 Report'

Explore with Sichen and Alvaro the three waves currently shaping the insurance industry landscape.

In our third NTT DATA’s Insurance Thought Leadership Podcast, we dive into the exciting realm of Insurtech, revealing the latest findings and features from the highly anticipated Insurtech Global Outlook 2024 Report.

Join Sichen Zhou and Alvaro Takashi as they explore the three waves currently shaping the insurance industry landscape: Digital Insurance, Connected Insurance, and Cutting-Edge Gen AI. Discover case studies of companies like Mind FoundryDescartesQumata, and Bolttech leading these waves and gain valuable insights into investment highlights and industry trends.

Stay tuned for a comprehensive analysis that promises to redefine the industry's trajectory.

Sector Consultant Strategy & Advisory at NTT DATA EMEAL
Sichen, holding a Bachelor's degree with a dual focus on Hispanic Philology and Business Sciences, alongside an MSc in International Management from ESADE Business School and a Master in Applied Economics from IE School, brings extensive expertise to the Strategy & Advisory team at NTT DATA. With prior experience from projects encompassing Digital Transformation, Sustainable Development, and Macroeconomic Risk Scenario Analysis, Sichen excels in researching global market trends, emerging technologies, and investment opportunities within the insurance industry, delivering invaluable insights to top-level executives with a dedication to excellence.
Senior Sector Consultant Strategy & Advisory at NTT DATA EMEAL
Alvaro Takashi, holding a Bachelor's degree in Economics from Insper Instituto de Ensino e Pesquisa in São Paulo, Brazil, and a Master of Science in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from ESADE Business School in Barcelona, Spain, brings forth a wealth of international experience. With a strong foundation in strategy and advisory for the insurance sector, complemented by expertise in the financial sector and banking, Alvaro has spearheaded significant contributions throughout his career, notably at NTT DATA. Driven by a passion for growth and partnership cultivation, he continues to make impactful strides in financial services, technology, and strategic consulting.

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