NTT DATA Insurance Thought Leadership Podcast

Taking Life Insurance to the Next Level

A conversation between Víctor Velasco and Ralph Tucker about how Life insurance is adapting to new customer demands and how technology is helping in this transformation.

In this NTT DATA’s Insurance Thought Leadership Podcast, we dig into the dynamic world of life insurance, exploring its remarkable adaptation to the ever-evolving customer demands. 

Víctor Velasco and Ralph Tucker discuss the deep impact of cutting-edge technologies, specifically large language models and GPT chat platforms, on the insurance industry. Exploring how these innovations can revolutionize customer understanding, support, and compliance with evolving regulations

Geographic trends in technology adoption are illuminated, with the United States and Asia Pacific leading the way. This momentum is seen as a catalyst for global growth, including significant developments in Europe.  

As the industry continues to embrace technological advancements, there is a promising outlook for enhanced customer experiences and positive industry dynamics

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