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Empowering Women in Insurance and Technology

Companies in all industries and regions are experiencing a significant transformation, not only in terms of business and technology but also in social, cultural, and economic areas. One crucial aspect of this change is related to talent and corporate culture. Talent and corporate culture are vital for companies that want to be successful in the future. These companies must be able to attract new and diverse talent and be willing to adapt their corporate culture to accommodate these new profiles. The insurance industry has made progress in incorporating female talent in various roles in recent years, but there is still room for improvement.

NTT DATA is actively working towards shaping this reality. As a company that operates in the insurance sector, it is essential that our teams reflect this shift in paradigms. In my role as the Head of Cloud, IM & Security for Insurance in NTT DATA EMEAL and the Diversity and Inclusion practice in Spain, I am working towards achieving the company's global objectives, including gender parity.

"Although there is still a long way to go, the insurance world has already been incorporating female talent in different areas of responsibility in recent years."

Being part of a large and diverse organization like NTT DATA allows us to learn from the good practices implemented by our colleagues in other countries. For example, we are part of "The 30% Club" initiative, a global campaign that aims for 30% of steering committees and management positions to be held by women. This goal is in line with the figures already achieved in some countries. For example, according to a report by Grant Thornton (Women in Business 2021), in Spain, 34% of senior management positions are held by women in 2021 (compared to 22% in 2010). This report also indicates that the ratio in the European Union is 34% and globally stands at 31%.

We have launched a series of programs and initiatives to support women in our organization to reach management and decision-making positions. This is not only an incentive for women who are already part of the company, but it is also an opportunity for the development of those who join in the future.

For example, we are implementing the #WomenTogether initiative, which is a training program designed to enhance the professional development of female managers and reduce the gender gap in the industry. The program runs from June to December and emphasizes the importance of mentorship, providing participating women with guidance and advice from experienced professionals within the company, including directors and partners.

"As part of this social and business transformation, we have launched a series of programs and initiatives aimed at getting women in our organization into management and decision-making positions."

The initiative has several objectives, including supporting the advancement of women in leadership roles, addressing and eliminating barriers and biases, creating a network of female role models within the company, and fostering a learning and discussion space to gather feedback on the experiences of women within the organization.

In addition to this program, we are also launching WIN (Women Inspire NTT DATA), a group led by employees to support and develop women professionally. The group is composed of female leaders from NTT DATA group companies worldwide, and serves as role models for our colleagues, promoting an open and collaborative culture within our organization.

We also have the Women's Business Network, an internal initiative where female insurance executives can share their experiences and provide advice to other professionals within the company. The goal of these sessions is to amplify the voices of women within our organization, highlighting their stories and providing insight to aid in the reflection on the role of women in our organization, families, and society.

Another aspect of our commitment to diversity and inclusion is providing girls with early access to digital and technological skills. We have been working with Technovation Challenge to empower girls globally to use technology to improve their communities and environment.

Lastly, we are also training women who previously lacked technical skills to develop careers in the technology sector. All of these efforts reflect our long-term strategy and commitment to society, and we believe that these initiatives are just the beginning of a new era that will not only benefit our organization but also help us better serve our insurance clients.

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Natalia Solé
Natalia Solé
Head of Cloud + IM + Security at NTT DATA Insurance EMEAL
Published on 16/02/2023
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