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Protect Those Who Protect: Cybersecurity

The increase in cybersecurity threats that exist in the Insurance Industry is quite clear. The importance of protecting countless sensitive data of the end user that these organizations have in their systems obliges them to raise their precautions to the maximum.

This scenario makes it essential to have preventive measures, to anticipate any possible attack. A fundamental element when deciding on a preventive strategy is having an effective Zero Trust focus.

What is Zero Trust?

Obtaining an efficient and effective Zero Trust focus in a business transformational setting that the Insurance Industry is living in at the moment goes beyond traditional security and it integrates the workplace security, the connectivity between them and the monitorization and response model to incidents in an automated and efficient way.

Having evolved in that last ten years, Zero Trust now represents the best practice in the cybersecurity domain and this is the reason why we at NTT DATA and Trend Micro work together in the design and implementation of advanced cybersecurity solutions for the Insurance Industry.

The solution of Trend Micro Cloud One™️ Workload Security was named recently as “Cyber Catalyst Designated Solution 2020”.

We are still working on optimizing the effectivity of our Cloud Services platform to prevent Ransomware in any hybrid environment, because we consider absolutely a must to have updated assets, to guarantee the security of our organizations

Raúl Guillén, Director of Strategic Alliances at Trend Micro Iberia

Cyber Catalyst (by Marsh) identifies cybersecurity products and services judge by a group of Leader Insurers to reduce the risk in 6 aspects:

  • Ransomware

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Cloud Migration

  • Social Engineering

  • Monitoring of Contained Environments

  • Privacy Regulation

To ensure the highest efficiency of Zero Trust strategies, alliances such as the one between NTT DATA and Trend Micro suppose a great progress to achieve an efficient cybersecurity, products and services to the business environment in the Insurance Industry with the most qualified specialists to respond to the new threats.

Cybersecurity requires, and in the future even more, the collaboration between actors of different natures to ensure the highest efficiency in the protection of our clients. Technology evolves, and in the same way the threats evolve. Alliance of this type are going to be essential to be able to offer the best service

Miguel Ángel Thomas, Head of Cybersecurity at NTT DATA EMEAL

Header photo by Adi Goldstein on Unsplash

Miguel Ángel Thomas
Miguel Ángel Thomas
Head of Cybersecurity at NTT DATA Spain
Published on 27/10/2022
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