Development of a Cloud Solution Claim Module for a Reinsurance Company

Development of a Cloud Solutions Claims module for a Reinsurance Company that required a functional analysis and proof of concept of their existing core system.


The insurance company required a comprehensive functional analysis of their solution using a Domain Driven Design (DDD) methodology. Specifically, they needed a Business API guideline definition in line with corporate guidelines, usability design of screen layout for main flows, alignment with the Corporate Architecture centered on microservices, and a Proof of Concept to implement a functional module of the new platform. Additionally, a Project Plan was needed for the solution implementation.



In the first phase of the project, the initial module (Cloud Solutions) was developed using a carefully selected set of key elements and architecture. These included a Cloud architecture, microservices created with Spring Boot, an event-driven architecture, non-relational databases, and user interfaces built using Angular, HTML 5, and CSS 3. The development process also included the creation, migration, and coexistence of information models, as well as the utilization of APIs. The solution was also built respecting the customer's architecture, which is the reference cloud architecture for this insurance group.



The insurance company has successfully undergone a core system transformation, which has resulted in a cloud-based solution. This implementation has led to the automation and digitization of many processes, enhancing the company's agility. Moreover, advanced analytics capabilities have been incorporated, providing better tracking and monitoring features. The solution is fully connected with other platforms through APIs, allowing for improved collaboration standards.

Ultimately, this transformation facilitated an additional advancement in terms of integrating with other solutions and platforms within the insurer's Global Risk Unit.

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  • Undisclosed Company

    Undisclosed Company

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  • Spain

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