Insurance Agency ASP [WiseOffice]

WiseOffice is a client contract management system that specializes in the agency business. It automatically acquires the contract data provided by the life and non-life insurer and unifies the management of client and contract information for each insurer.


Contract management at insurance agency is overly complicated because they handle products from multiple insurers.

Agents face the challenge of choosing from a large number of insurance products to meet customer needs and the company's recommended policies.

Information is managed individually by agents, not by companies.



WiseOffice is a customer contract management system specializing in agency business. It automatically acquires contract data provided by life and non-life insurer, and unifies the management of customer and contract information of each insurer.

This solution is not only available as an ASP service, but can be deployed as a package or used with some customized features.



Centralized management of customer information enables a quick approach to policyholders, ensuring the complete internal information sharing.

WiseOffice extracts cross/up-sell customer(ex. with automobile insurance but no fire insurance) information and enables efficient sales.

Information stored on paper is managed by linking it with customer information and contract information.

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