Increased Sales thanks to New Insurance Policy Simulators for Insureds

A solution that allows insurers to simulate and issue a policy for different insurance products to see how it evolves.


The insurer needed to recreate some online insurance simulators and create new ones. The main objective was to provide a better user experience when simulating and issuing a policy for various insurance products.

In short, the most imperative needs were an attractive, intuitive, and feature-rich application.



NTT DATA Portugal helped define the needs and implemented several simulators in OutSystems. Different applications were built for each product: Multi-risk Home Insurance, Life, and Health. All of them were very intuitive and easy to use. In addition, they were all responsive solutions adapted to the mobile-first philosophy.

NTT DATA Portugal became a strategic partner that helped this company recreate and innovate the process and design of insurance policy simulation and issuance.



The insurer was able to offer insurance brokers an intuitive and faster application. In addition, customers were able to have more freedom to explore the values and options on their own and complete the process on their own.

A new, revamped simulator design was created, which allowed for a better understanding of the products. As a positive consequence of this project, the company's sales increased.

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    Undisclosed Company

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