New Intuitive Portal for Managing Vehicle-appraisal Processes

A vehicle expertise portal was implemented as a solution to manage and monitor the vehicle appraisal processes in a more centralized way, thus providing a better and faster response.


Our client needed to create an internal tool for automotive appraisers to manage and track their processes.

The objective was to replace an existing tool provided by an external vendor to assist automotive surveyors with the ability to populate the resulting data following a faster and more intuitive workflow.



NTT DATA Portugal helped the insurer build the new tool by implementing all the functionalities using the OutSystems' low-code platform. Assisted in the creation and management of documents and reports to be sent to the company, with a budgeting tool. Additionally, the possibility to attach photographs related to vehicle expertise and hit points, query information on orders, policies, claims, vehicles, and service providers.



The implementation of the new internal tool, faster and more intuitive, used by about 200 automotive experts, allowed the discontinuation of the existing tool, removing the dependency on an external supplier and the consequent savings in financial costs.

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