Increased Customer Autonomy with a Self-management Claims Platform

The insurance company needed a solution that would allow its customers to track their insurance claims in a more complete way.


The measures taken allowed the insurance company's customers to autonomously monitor their claims without having to contact the call center to check the status of their claims. In this way, they were able to stay informed at all times of changes or make queries if necessary, giving customers greater freedom.



NTT DATA Portugal leveraged its long-standing expertise in Low code - OutSystems and in the fields of claims management to implement the project and to achieve greater autonomy for the customers. In order to be able to provide the solution desired by the insurance company with reduced time to market.



The insurer was looking for a solution that would provide its customers with an easy and intuitive way to follow the status of their claims at all stages. From submitting and downloading documents, to communicating with the claims manager, to scheduling the repair of their car quickly and autonomously, without relying on third parties.

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    Undisclosed Company

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