You Quote: Fast Quoting Portal for Brokers and Customers

A Low-Code-based solution to respond to the agility demanded by the market.

01What did our client need?

HDI started some years ago a transformation process and, after analyzing software vendors, they selected OutSystems as the right technology to reach this goal.

02How did we help our client?

everis helped in the development of a complete suite of fast quoting tool, along with the low code platform Outsystems. everis also helped HDI in terms of customer experience and quality assurance of the new digital transformation solution.

03What was the result?

everis helped HDI to ease and fasten the generation of real-time quotes and e-mail quotes, allowing IT to quickly respond to changing business needs and integrate seamlessly with existing legacy systems. Overall, the client achieved higher user adoption rates and increased policies, delivering 7 applications in 10 months.

On the other side, this project is important for us because everis was able to set up their capabilities in OutSystems in the Italian market, in collaboration and with the support of ISH, that now is a differentiating characteristic from our competitors in the local market.

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