AI-based Chronic Diseases Diagnosis Before Symptoms Are Detected

Creation of an AI-based solution to assist in the early diagnosis of chronic diseases or identify undiagnosed patients who already have the disease.


The insurer was looking for a way to identify clients with a high probabilityof developing a chronic disease or of actually already having developed it buthave not yet been diagnosed, in order to save on medical costs. And to be ableto leverage the new trend of prevention, improve the quality of life of thoseclients, and address the problem before more complex treatment is needed



Based on a scoring algorithm within the system created by NTT DATA, theinsurer was able to identify customers who are likely to develop the disease,establish prevention programs early on, and differentiate them from those whohave already developed the disease without a diagnosis. On the other hand, itwas possible to evaluate the potential savings and their impact on the insurer'sincome statement.



NTT DATA created and developed a PoC to be able to diagnose a specificdisease, in this case, a coronary or ischemic stroke. This project was analyzedin a subset of clients before any symptoms developed, so that appropriate treatmentcould be carried out to mitigate all possible symptoms and identify potentialsavings in medical costs.

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