Cognitive RPA’s to process massive reimbursements and medical claims

Productive Thinking was used to transform and automate current processes to improve agility and efficiency in the company.

01What did our client need?

SulAmérica needed support on digitalization and automation processes of its backoffice activities.

Most of the current transformational activities involve development of self-service solutions via apps to end customers and also internal transformation and automation activities to eliminate manual-intensive and paper-based processes.

02How did we help our client?

SulAmérica selected everis as the partner of choice to a first E2E BPO of the Reimbursement & Medical Bill Processing areas.

everis became a solid partner of SulAmérica to accompany them in their new digitalization and automation path.

03What was the result?

everis' value proposition was the application of Productive Thinking in the transformation of the current state processes added by the implementation of cognitive RPA´s to process massive reinbursements and medical claims. This initiative has allowed a great reduction of the total cost for SulAmérica.

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