Corporate Medical Examination Report

A service designed so that the insurer can better understand the health of patients and offer them products that are increasingly tailored to their needs.

01What did our client need?

In Japan, the importance of "health management" is increasing due to the decline in the birth rate and the aging of the population. Dai-ichi Life Insurance has a need to support the "health management" of the company (organization).

02How did we help our client?

NTT DATA and Dai-ichi Life Insurance jointly developed this service leveraging their knowledge about insurance medicine.

The service generates a report by analyzing the medical examination results of employees. The report that describes the health status of the company (organization), forecasts the risk of disease in the future.

03What was the result?

This service enables companies to understand trends in the overall health of their employees. Dai-ichi Life can monitor the health conditions of companies through the report, and provide insurance products tailored to them.

Dai-ichi Life will launch a group insurance in April 2021 that offers discounts on premiums based on the results of the report.

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