Unlocking Efficiency and Simplifying Priorities in Processes

This insurance group is determined to transform Cash Management with the automation of 5 of their key processes.


The insurance group is exploring automation for 5 processes within Cash Management. To prepare for this, they've initiated a thorough optimization assessment of these processes, with the goal of enhancing their efficiency and setting the groundwork for subsequent automation implementation.



Our project begins with a detailed process optimization analysis to enhance efficiency by identifying and removing bottlenecks and non-value-added activities. Simultaneously, we explore automation potential and suitable technologies. We also conduct a cost-benefit analysis to understand the financial impact and create a structured implementation plan for seamless automation integration.



The project yielded a comprehensive set of results, including a Value Stream Map categorizing activities by their value contribution, an As-Is Process Flow diagram highlighting pain points, a To-Be Design outlining process improvements and automation recommendations, a Technology Matrix for automation options, a Prioritization Matrix for process categorization, a Business Case with cost-benefit analysis, and an Implementation Roadmap for prioritized process enhancements.

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  • Undisclosed Company

    Undisclosed Company

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  • imageIntelligent Automation

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  • Germany
  • Ireland

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