Crafting a Cutting-Edge Lean Reengineering Pilot and Toolkit

The client faced pressure to improve its operational efficiency and standardize its processes.


The client's aggressive portfolio acquisition strategy required the establishment of formal lean reengineering practices to enhance efficiency and standardize processes, despite their limited resources for leading improvement initiatives. 



To achieve this goal, the plan involved conducting a pilot for four processes using a proven lean reengineering framework, which informed the framework's definition and lean reengineering 'champion' training. The framework was customized to the client's context, ensuring scalability. 

Furthermore, we were committed to equipping their team with the necessary skills and knowledge to not only effectively operate within the pilot program but also to autonomously drive the adoption of this framework on a global scale. To achieve this, we provided comprehensive training and additional resources to empower the team members. 



We successfully documented 4 AS-IS processes utilizing lean tools. Employing design thinking techniques, we identified a total of 50 improvement initiatives, which were categorized into addressing and beneficiary change, surrender, and death claims. Out of these, we prioritized 6 key initiatives, establishing implementation backlogs for each to ensure streamlined execution. Moreover, we identified tech-enabled solutions to enhance efficiency. 

In terms of capacity building, we trained 5 trainers through a multi-wave approach, which included shadowing, learning by doing, and a comprehensive two-day training camp held in Madrid. Additionally, we developed a versatile toolkit designed to serve as a guiding resource for lean reengineering projects and a shared repository housing essential tool templates. These results reflect our commitment to driving operational excellence and innovation within our organization.

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