Knowler Helped to Simplify and Streamline Its Processes In a More Autonomous Way

Through Knowler, the investment and asset management area of Zurich, at the global level is able to share information about actions performed in every single location.

01What did our client need?

This global insurer, headquartered in Switzerland, aimed to simplify and streamline its processes by reducing the effort of sharing information if it could be done in an automated way. This also helped to improve data quality and access. It could then focus on its core business, prioritizing other projects that required more dedication.

02How did we help our client?

NTT DATA's expertise and action capabilities made it possible to follow every step of the process. Moreover, by implementing Knowler and integrating it with different sources, the knowledge was shared across all locations where the company's users were located. Consequently, the insurance company was helped to simplify and streamline its processes in a more autonomous way.

03What was the result?

The insurer achieved a significant reduction in time spent, freeing up time that the insurance company needed to devote to other projects. Employee satisfaction was also improved, bringing many benefits internally.

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