Cognitive service and cloud computing infrastructure

Innovation comes hand in hand with process optimization and efficiency. A Google cloud-based and AI-driven architecture allows real-time auto damage assessment, reducing time and effort on managing claims.

01What did our client need?

The client has focused part of its innovation strategy on auto claims in order to increase process speed and accuracy for its motor insurance business line. For the sake of it, our client advanced a collaboration with Google in terms of cognitive services and cloud computing infrastructure and with NTT DATA for expertise and development skills.

02How did we help our client?

NTT DATA supported the client in designing the target model by suggesting a step-by-step implementation of a pilot/prototype. We developed the cloud-based architecture of a «multi device» app that allows a real time car damage assessment. The AI-enabled technology allows image detection and object identification, in order to determine the severity of the damage by photos, in 3 phases: (1) validating that the given image is a car and the car is damage, (2) finding the damage location and parts and (3) determining severity of the damage. ​

03What was the result?

We, together with the client, were able of developing a prototype application, based on an advanced Artificial Intelligence algorithm that allows to automatically assess car damages​. We also created a «multi device» app that allows a car damage assessment in real time and with simple and fast methods​.

By reducing time and effort on managing claims with the support of AI, our Client has increased process efficiency and it has enhanced user experience, impacting operational risks, employee productivity, customer satisfaction, document management, time efficiency and fraud detection.​

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