Trade Information Platform

Contributing to the digitization of international trade processes through a Blockchain-based trade information platform, which will enable companies and institutions to share information and deliver new value to all users.

01What did our client need?

Trade operations involve numerous procedures in the course of transactions, and manual documentation and consistency checks are costly.

The creation of a system to deliver information more accurately and safely is a common challenge that transcends industry boundaries.

To solve these issues, a cross-industry* consortium led by NTT DATA Corporation (NTT DATA) was established to improve the efficiency and safety of trade operations using digital technologies (*cross-industry: trading, banking, insurance, shipping, etc.).

02How did we help our client?

Based on the study conducted by the consortium, NTT DATA has been developing a trade information platform "TradeWaltz" using Blockchain technology.

"Tradewaltz" is funded by 7 companies across multiple industries and will be introduced sequentially into various processes of trade operations.

"TradeWaltz" is expected to contribute to the digitization of the world's trade operations, including those of ASEAN, in cooperation with government agencies and service providers overseas that are considering the digitization of trade documents in the future.

03What was the result?

"TradeWaltz" will enable integrated electronic data management of trade operations and it is expected to reduce the amount of work by up to 50%.

Know more about TradeWaltz here.

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