No-touch, data-driven digital customer experience

Technology modernization and end-to-end, no-touch digital CX to accelerate product development and delivery at National Life Group Insurance.

01What did our client need?

National Life sought to amplify its customer experience and digitally scale operations to support customers and agents by modernizing technology and creating competitive advantage with a “no touch” data-driven digital experience while levelling YoY IT spend.

02How did we help our client?

The organization partnered with NTT DATA to deliver several customer-centric transformational initiatives while reducing unit cost across operations.

03What was the result?

NTT DATA helped National Life Group to increases application processing capacity from 50K to 250K yearly. The company also accelerated policy processing from 25 per hour to one every 30 seconds and eliminated labor work for customer policies that qualify of up to $3M.

This all helped in reducing expenses by 21% through automated underwriting, cut policy delivery time by 50% and save the equivalent of over 25 acres of rainforest annually with paperless policy delivery.

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