Simplification and Automation to Remain Competitive in Comprehensive Insurance Management

Integration of the development and implementation of new platforms for the integrated management of life insurance, policies, and claims.

01What did our client need?

Due to the implementation of the insurer's growth, competitiveness, and restructuring strategy (based on the merger and acquisition of insurance companies), it was necessary to implement a back-office solution that would meet its needs. It had to be unique and integrated to manage life insurance policies in the contact center. It should also help improve the company's operational efficiency and effectiveness.

02How did we help our client?

In the first phase, NTT DATA Portugal conducted a comprehensive assessment of the insurer's processes and then undertook a redesign to focus on two pillars: simplification and automation of procedures.

In the second phase, NTT DATA Portugal designed and developed a back-office solution based on OutSystems. It also used an agile methodology for the contact center operators to manage their activity.

03What was the result?

After 9 months, the insurer launched the Customer Service Portal (CSP), which allows contact center operators to better manage their business. Through this tool, they can process queries in three of their main legacy systems, while the other systems process key operations.

NTT DATA continues to expand the functionality of the CSP, as well as integrate new legacy systems into this portal.

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